Monday, October 29, 2012

LinkedIn's Most InDemand Employers (they never dance alone)

Check it out ... here's a look at the worlds most sought-after employers based on billions of interactions from  LinkedIn's 175M+ members.   In fact, this first pic is based on the most inDemand employers among members globally:  

This pic targets the most inDemand employers among Software Engineers:

...and the most inDemand employers Finance & Accounting:

...and Marketing:

...and Students / Recent Grads:

Can you say, Google? Apparently, a ton of LinkedIn members say it  And that means they aren't saying your name.  They are dancing with somebody else.  Doesn't that fact make you even slightly irritated.  Yeah, me too.  I really hate dancing alone.

So, Mr. Recruiter...Employer...what are you doing to get LinkedIn members to say your name - to make your brand, your career site, sticky?

That's what I thought.  And it's ok - because it's never too late to start.  Remember, nobody else likes *dancing alone either.

*Special thanks to Jeremy Miller and his team of social media dancers.

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John said...

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