Wednesday, October 31, 2012

TalentNet Live! Dallas Fall 2012

In 2009, I attended the first-ever TalentNet Live! Conference.  Like everybody else, I walked away with a smile - stoked that Craig Fisher and Jeff Lipshultz had a vision to build something local that would attract top speakers from around the world.  It's 2012, and @TalentNet is still kicking and going big-time strong.  And, the local recruiting / talent acquisition community is the better for it.  

If you've yet to attend a TalentNet Conference, it's time to stop the excuses.  Go. Don't let the $100 price-tag keep you away.  Marianthe Verver sent me a note today and said she wants to extend a special invitation and discount code for the TalentNet Live - Social Recruiting Conference @ PepsiCo (on Friday, Nov 2nd).  200+ people are registered, and it's a strong split between Corporate and Agency recruiters (Recruiters up to the Director/VP level).  This conference always sells out, so if you're interested you might want to do this tonight (tomorrow morning at the latest).  

You can check out the the agenda and register via the link below - and Marianne will extend a discount code to take 20% off the ticket price, which also include the happy hour event on Thursday!

Still with me?  Here ya go:  
  1. See the Agenda & Register:
  2. Use this Discount Code:  verver12 
  3. Then, send a Thank You note to Marianne (find her at the Conference and give her a big hug and say, "Muchas gracias, Marianne, I owe you big time)."  
  4. Then, before you leave the conference, find @JoelCheesman and give him a high-five.  And, start following him on Twitter (because you should be already).
Hope to see you there!  Send me a note and let me know you're going - would love to meet you (

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