Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Survey: 30% of firms plan to add staffing

Here's a good news report for the jobseeker - Q2 will mark the 9th straight quarter that more than 20% of the companies surveyed said they plan to add staff. It was 23% for the first quarter of this year - 30% for Q2.

The last time the reading topped 30% was Q3 of 2005, when 31% of companies surveyed said they planned to add to staff.

So says Milwaukee-based global staffing firm Manpower Inc.
- source: Dallas Morning News, Tues. March 14th, page 2D

If you happen to be a job-seeker hoping to find a place in one of those firms in Q2, check Manpower's recently released white paper (Feb. 06) titled Confronting the Coming Talent Crunch: What's Next?. There's a section titled "Staying Fit for the Race," that could provide solid advice for those trying to get, or keep, a job.

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