Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Job-Seekers & Potty Etiquette

- posted by Dennis Smith

I just had the priviledge of meeting LunaFish today, but I like her blog-style (Aah million days) already.

Check out her post on potty etiquette (to pee or not to pee).

Seeing how I'm guilty of this very crime, I'll let LunaFish do the talking. However, in my defense, I wasn't "using" the bathroom - just sitting on the toilet lid (hey, when you've got five kids, it's oftentimes the quietest room in the house!).

Although mine wasn't an issue of continence, it appears that for many it is. According to The High Cheese, in a survey conducted by the National Association For Continence (who knew?!) the average American spends 2 weeks a year in the old sugashak. True that.

And, of those surveyed, 33% said they use the time in the shack to talk on the phone.

Ok, job-seekers...I'm on to you. Next time we're talking on the phone and I hear the echo of the hallowed tee-tee-room walls, I think I'll just carry my blackberry in to the men's room and flush the toidy - just for fun.

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