Thursday, March 22, 2007

Top 6 Reasons Recruiters are Irritating

Nick Roy (Employment Management Strategies for the 21st Century) posted earlier this month about the irritating things we do as recruiters.

Here's Nick's top 6 reasons for considering recruiters irritating human beings:

Posting in all caps

Marketing to companies

Pretending to have good candidates or pretending to know what the company does

Presenting candidates that are mined from job boards

Thinking that every contingency placement is worth 30%

Trying to bypass HR

But, you're's irritating.

I will take you to task on the marketing piece, however.

I mean, hey, marketing makes the world go 'round. And, really, Nick, if you'll just hire one more person from me in the next 24 hours, I'll include a set of 24 Ginsu knives. But you must act now!!! Operators are standing by...

Ok, no humor on this one:

30% is nothing compared to the value that one star employee can add to your bottomline in one calendar year.

That's the cold, hard truth.

I will agree with you on the candidates from the job boards scenario. It cracks me up, but it also makes me mad. Hey, it's happened to me too!

But somebody had to take the time to do the digging.

Here's reality....if they are the right candidate and they fit the compensation piece, and they are excited about the really doesn't matter how they landed in my lap.

Nick has some great his complete post HERE.

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