Thursday, March 22, 2007

March 23, 2007 edition: carnival of the job search

Welcome to the March 23, 2007 edition (and actually, the first edition) of ...

... carnival of the job search.

Yep, we're one day early. Sue me.

I had three takers for the inaugural edition, so I'm givin' up the blog love for ...

Toby D, of Diggings fame, a blog about recruitment advertising, media, publising, HR, work, & technology.

Brad Pitt of Brad's Bits (jus' kiddin'), where the slacker can always find bits of Brad's corporate wisdom.

recruitER's Ambition, who offers up news and views from the IT grapevine.
In hindsight I realize that I must not have done a stand-up job of explaining the purpose of the "job-search carnival." Why? I carefully explained that this carnival would focus solely on "job postings" within the technology sector. Translation: if you want to post a technology-related job, submit the posting at the carnival of the job search.

However, I didn't receive a single job posting! Golly gee! I did, however, receive three articles "related" to job search, and they were all great!

So, hey, beggars can't be chooser, eh?! Moving forward, we'll be open to job-postings and articles focused on job search. How's that for simplification.

That said, here's the this week's carnival of the job search:

Toby Dayton of Diggings, presents Do Newspapers Need An Online Network for Job Ads?.

Brad presents Brad's Bits: tips for working with recruiters during a job search.

Ambition presents Are they really a minority? posted at recruitER.

That concludes this edition. Thanks for playing, fellers! You'll always hold a special place in my wireless heart!

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