Monday, April 14, 2014

7 Smart Habits of Successful Job Seekers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Answer:  Because Recruiters (a ton of them) use it to find people.  Like you.
Question:  Why should I use Linkedin to help me find my next great job (even if I'm already employed)?

90% of the Fortune 100 use Linkedin to hire.  That alone is reason to jump-start your hunt for the next*great*job.  But those who are finding success on Linkedin are doing more than just the standard search - view - apply.  Check out this infographic.  
You'll be tempted to say, "C'mon, those are no-brainers."  And you might be right.  But according to the research performed by the folks at Linkedin (with appx 4k job seekers), these are the things that pushed them in to the "success" column.  Call them "no-brainers," but you just might need to sharpen your pencil and get busy on Linkedin.  Your next*great*job might depend on it.  
Click the pic below to see the full infographic on the Linkedin blog:  

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