Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ciphr Knows HR SaaS (and how to make great videos)

Ciphr recently caught my attention with a compelling video infographic about job screening and social networks (check it out below - the stats are amazing).  It made me realize that, although 99% of the people I talk to say they don't screen candidates via social networks, these numbers tell a different story.  Reminds me the Al Franken book I never read:   "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them."  

The video interested me enough that I did a little digging and actually talked with somebody about the company - and I was impressed.  They've been delivering HR Saas for about 10 years and have about 1 million users worldwide.  They've snagged some nice awards -  they have a sweet mobileHR app - and a nice list of big-time clients.  

So check out this guy - a hipster with a cool accent, and you can get a 30k-ft view of what they're all about.  But then go back and watch the video - I guarantee you'll be surprised.   

Keep an eye on this company - some people are calling them one of the most trusted hr software brands in the UK.  And that makes sense - even for a good ol' boy like me sitting in North America .  Because with SaaS, it doesn't really matter where you have your blast of morning coffee (or tea), eh? 

Cheers (and enjoy the video),

*and if you want one more cool accent, you can check out this video too.

Infographic: Social Media is Changing Recruitment from Ciphr HR on Vimeo

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background screening said...

This video/inforgraphic is a brilliant way for people to see that what you post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest DOES matter. Not every employer needs to ask permission to see your social media, in fact a lot of employers have asked for logins just to be safe. However, this seems like an overstepping of boundaries. Screening your potential employees ahead of time is ideal in society today, especially with the big influx of unemployed people who are just searching for any type of work and might lie about their work experience.