Friday, December 23, 2011

2012 Outlook: 21 Million Americans Will Change Jobs

The number is so big I can hardly imagine that many people changing jobs.  But according to a study just released by Harris Interactive and Cornerstone OnDemand, more than 21 million Americans will change jobs in the next 12 months costing employers more than....$2 Trillion.  Yep.  Trillion, with a T.

And guess what?  We are the problem.  That's right - YOU and ME (according to the study, we rarely provide useful feedback during the performance review process - in fact, it appears we only make things worse).  And it costs us a ton of $$.  

Take the full 60 seconds to read the details of the 2012 Report.  Then, click on the picture below to see the full infographic on Jessica Miller-Merrell's site.

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