Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recruiting Brains StayUp!

I've never met Christopher McCann. But I read his post called StayingUp! and I like him already. And while we might not share the same taste in music : ), we do share the same ideology when it comes to recruiting: attitude is everything.

If you don't think so, do a quick comparison of the most successful recruiters you know. My bet is that the majority have a killer attitude (as in, they get knocked down but they don't stay down). They claw their way back up in spite of what's going on around them. And they keep at it - keep at it - keep at it (David Perry's a perfect example and my constant source of encouragement).

McCann seems to be cut from the same cloth. And anybody that's been in this business (with the same company) as long as he has, is doing something right. In fact, he just might be a recruitingbrain.

You decide - check out his 10 ideas for Staying Up! that's posted on his blog (CMCSource).

You just might call him a recruitingbrain.

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