Saturday, December 01, 2007

Facebook Recruiting Tip #1

The best recruiters always borrow recruiting tips from the best recruiters.

So, thanks Chris ( for the tip on how to use Facebook to bolster my recruiting efforts!

Tip #1: Create a Group on Facebook

I agree and so I did!

If you have a Facebook account, come visit my Group,

Here's the purpose of the group (as noted in the Group description):

Hiring wireless talent? Advertise your "wireless jobs" on the Group on Facebook. I'll throw in a posting on my site - for free. That's right. Nada. Zip.

Interested in pursuing a career in the wireless industry? Post your resume here, and I'll post it on my site...again, it's a freebie.

Why? Cause it's good to give back.
Hey, not many freebies these days. I hope you'll take me up on the promise.

Community is good.


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