Thursday, August 02, 2007

Geico's Business Model

I heard a Geico ad on the radio a couple of months ago. It was short - sweet - memorable. In fact, I memorized the bullet points intending to put it in a post later that day (but forgot about it as soon as I got to work).

I haven't thought of Geico in 2 months! But I just saw a billboard and, bingo, remembered the ad (it's amazing how that works):

The Geico Business Model:

    • Save customers money
    • Provide exceptional service
    • Make it easy to obtain Geico online
    • Keep Geico's business model a secret
    Now, either I waste too many brain cells hoarding useless minutia, or, Geico put together an ad that made a connection with was easy to remember - and it made sense.

    They want to save me money. Not a bad thing.

    They want to give me excellent service. A very good thing.

    They make it easy for me to find them. Also good, as most of us have the attention span of a...well...a blogger.

    Nice job Geico.

    Now, maybe I can use the same kind of common sense to make a connection with a job-seeker.

    Let's see....
    1. I can't save them money, but I can potentially help them earn more money.
    2. I can deliver exceptional customer service.
    3. I can make it easy for them to find me online.
    4. Well, 3 out of 4's not so bad.
    Check out Geico's blog, HERE.

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