Thursday, August 02, 2007

T-Mobile Jobs, Frisco, TX

Here's a couple of hot jobs my team is currently recruiting in Frisco, TX:

Regulatory Compliance Manager (Engineering)

Are you experienced in the world of wireless site development and regulatory compliance? T-Mobile is searching for a Regulatory Compliance Manager to support it's south region wireless site development.

This manager would be responsible for regional risk management and regulatory compliance on new site build-outs, and will have expertise in NEPA, environmental, and FAA/AM/EME compliance issues and procedures, at national, state, and local levels.

Check out more details of this job HERE.

Systems Engineer (E911, TDOA Network)
T-Mobile in Frisco, TX is currently searching for System Engineers experienced with E911 locating systems. Specifically, this role will be critical in defining the development of the internal processes used for TDOA network design and optimization.

Check out the details of this critical role, HERE.

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