Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Facebook ... the new LinkedIn?

Gautam pointed me to Jeremiah Owyang's "What the Web Strategist Should Know about Facebook" post this morning. Uh, via Facebook.

Smart read for web-strategy-wannabes for sure.....and Recruiters.

I've picked up on a theme recently...some folks are dumping LinkedIn for Facebook (have you seen this too?). Jeff Pulver decided his LinkedIn days were over...sounds like Alister agrees with him.

Wonder what Doza thinks about all this talk of Facebook over LinkedIn? After all, he is the six-degrees-from-linkedin kinda guy.

Either way, it deserves a look-see if you've managed to go this long without jumping in to the Facebook waters.

If you are a Facebook newbie, read Jeremiah's post.

Here's a few other items to get you started (borrowing these 5 pointers (with slight revision) from Jeremiah:

1) Understand Facebook (read, read, read)
2) Jump in, create an account and add me as a friend
3) Explore the groups, and join the Career Center Group, where you’ll find other like-minded strategists
4) Applications, on the left nav - explore the applications, see how they’re used, and add a few of your own.
5) Consider your strategy, find a partner to help. Contact me if you want to talk it over.

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