Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wireless Twitter Fodder

Rubel twittered about this only moments ago: Twitterment

Just type in the word that you want Twitterment to search, and it will display the results of every person that has recently included that word while posting in Twitter (wow, that was a mouthful).

Here's an example....I'll search on the word "wireless:"

The results show that 278 "twitters" have recently included the word "wireless" in their twitter post. Wow. That's a lot.

Then, it gives me a graph on the hourly trends for the word "wireless:"

I know, it's overkill. But hey, since we're talking about fodder here.

Anyway, it also shows me "Daily Trends" graph, and the Google Map of where the folks are located.

To top it off, it gives me a visual of all the Twitters who are twittering the word "wireless:"

I didn't want to kill my Google allotment of server space by showing you all 278 Twitters, but here's the last 5 "wireless" entries.

So, there you have it....more Twitter fodder.

And you can blame Rubel.

Now, I gotta figure out a way to include this in my recruiting toolkit.

Any RF Engineers out there twittering about "wireless?

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