Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Job Search Lessons from American Idol's Joe Turner outlines some interesting thoughts today about job search.

He believes job seekers can learn a thing or two from the weekly drama referred to as: American Idol.

Talk to us, Joe:

1). Branding verses the "best"candidate

Aside from the constant reminder that this is a singing competition, we all know it's more than that. It's about that elusive quality called a "total package."

Ditto the job interview. Here's the reason why all job interviewees should take heed of what happens on Idol: "differentiation."
I wholeheartedly agree with Joe. Job seekers have got to deliver a compelling reason that "they are the one." And that is very hard to do without finding that which differentiates you from the pack, and then capitalizing on it like there's no tomorrow.

Joe's final point on branding:

The moral of the story: You don't have to be the best singer, just the most memorable decent singer.

Same for the job interview. You don't have to be the best candidate with the top skills. You do have to find a way to be the most memorable, hirable candidate.
What are you doing (job seeker) to guarantee that the recruiter/hiring manager does not forget you when you walk out of their building?

What are you doing / saying / presenting that confirms, unquestionably, that you will add value within minutes of arriving on day one?

2). Know who you are

Listen to Joe:

In many ways, this is not about finding and molding raw talent, it's about finding and marketing talent that's already well-branded.

I believe the interview process is much the same. The branding should occur long before you walk into the interview room.
I would argue that branding is "occurring" whether intentional or not. Do not leave this one to chance. Know who you are - how you will add to the employer's bottom line - the distinct benefit will be added to the company because of YOU.

This is not the "stuff" you wish you had said after the interview is complete.

This is the unique value that has been cultivated over the years which now reflects your brand. This is what employers hear about you before they meet you, and what they see standing in their doorway when you arrive for the interview.

If you can't pull that off, Joe advises you to tune in to the next Idol episode.

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