Monday, April 02, 2007

Job Seeker: Make Your Best Job Interview Your Last One

Scott Ginsberg posted this morning about his beloved Cardinals.

Actually, the post isn't about the Cards so much, but he uses the Cards season opener as a platform to encourage us to be more like David Eckstein.

If you don't follow Baseball, you don't know Eck. But you should. He's the perfect example of a major-leaguer who, day in - day out, gives his absolute best on the field.

He doesn't coast. He doesn't save himself. He leaves it all on the field.

Here's why Scott loves Eck:

Because every grounder matters.
Because he gives it his all, every time.
Because he plays harder than anybody.
Because he actually sprints on and off the field, every inning.

Did Eck win the MVP last year because he's lucky?

Don't think so.

If Eck were asked to name the one game, in all his years of playing, that he believes to be his best, Scott believes Eck would say,

My last one.
Here's Scott's takeaway: Make your best one your last one.

The best sales call you ever made…was your last one.
The best speech you ever gave…was your last one.
The best report you ever handed in…was your last one.
The best meeting you ever had with your staff…was your last one.
The best customer service phone call…was your last one.

Now, let's make this even more relevant for my audience: the job seeker.

Are you looking for a job?

Are you currently engaged in job interviews?

Make your best interview your last one.

If so, it just might be your last one.

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