Monday, April 02, 2007

C'mon, be my Blog Buddy

This is my Blog Buddy.

I put a picture of it here, in case you couldn't find it in my sidebar (which begs another question).

What's a Blog Buddy?

Well, glad you asked.

I like this lil' feller - he's a recent Jobster addition to my sidebar that displays the visitors to my web site, including their tags and the jobs they are hiring for.

That's why there's a couple of jobs listed under my ugly mug.

Here's my problem.

My Blog Buddy needs a few more buds.

Not complaining that Jason is the only person listed in my Blog Buddy, but it appears that I'm short on buds.

So, here's what to do.

Visit Jobster. If you don't have an account - sign up. Then, if you've got a job or two for which you are currently recruiting, make sure you post it (it's FREE) on your Jobster account.

Then, when you visit me, your pic and the jobs you have open will be noted in my Blog Buddy (the jobs appear when you place your icon over the picture).

C'mon, be my buddy.

I'm startin' to get a complex.

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