Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Carnival of the Job Search

I'm really not a fan of the carnival. Guess I get a little freaked out by the sideshow acts. I just can't figure giving my hard-earned money to see a woman with lots of facial hair.

Howevuh...I've been diggin' the idea of the blog carnival lately. I got my first invite a few months back to participate in a blog carnival by our good buddy Jason Alba at JibberJobber.

Of course, I was too lazy to participate (or I forgot), but I liked the idea nonetheless.

So, I decided it was time to do a "Carnival of the Job Search."

Two reasons why I like this idea:

1) It has the opportunity of connecting me with other people I might never have the chance to meet. Yep, this is really the only reason.

2) It's a lot easier than asking people to write a post. All that's required is that they send me a job posting that they'd like me to reference in my weekly "carnival of the job search" post.

So, what is the carnival of the job search? It's simply a weekly post on WirelessJobs.com that includes job postings and links from various recruiters around the planet. Well, at least those who decide to participate in the carnival.

The important stuff:

So, how do you, Recruiter, participate? Simply submit a job posting via the "Submit an Article Form" no later than Thursday @ 3:00PM CT of each week.

I will compile each of the job postings and submit in one posting on Friday afternoon of each week.

I will post at least one job from each requester, depending on the total number of submissions for that week's carnival.

Job Posting Format:

Job Posting should be in this format (no job descriptions!):

Manager, RF Engineering - Atlanta, GA,
T-Mobile USA
For more information, please email Dennis @ wirelessheadhunter@gmail.com

Note: the link to the job description is in the job title.

If the job is already posted on a blog or career site, please provide the link so that I can reference within the post.

I will preface each job posting by naming the person that submitted the job, and will reference appropriate links to their blog - company - agency - etc.

Our goal is to provide a carnival of jobs focused within the technology sector - you know, I/T, Engineering, Wireless, Web 2.0 kinda stuff.

Here's the biggie:

I will provide additional love and accolades for all requests that are heavily laden with humor. Yes, yes, we've got to keep it professional.

If you've managed to miss the previous links that will take you to the carnival of the job search, click HERE.

So, it's time to get your blog on, Recruiters.

I look forward to the carnival.


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