Monday, March 19, 2007

The most important word in job search is ...

I recently posted this question on LinkedIn,

"The most important word in job search is..."

I received great responses from all over the world, and had a difficult time doling out the "best response" rating.

When it comes to recruiting, however, I'm a "relationship-kind-of-guy," so I had to side with Homula for the best answer: relationships.

Including Mike's answer, here's a few of the other answers I really liked:

Michael Homula (Bearing Fruit Consulting Group) - Relationships

Susie Wyshak (SuperViva Life Lists/SuperViva Blog)- LinkedIn

Dean Tracy ( - Networking

Anthony Timmons (Cox Communications) - Persistence

Greg Saukulak (ExecuSearch) - Vision

Mark Scrimshire (EKIVE / WebServicesJournal) - Networking and Relationships

Amitabh Thard (Strategic America) - Strategy

David Mortimer (F10 Recruitment) - Honesty

Tom Vongbandith - Integrity

Rich Kolikof (Winthrop Research Group) - Preparation

Kristina Runyeon-Odeberg (Obigo) - Open-Minded

Bryan Burgmaier (T-Mobile USA) - Timing

Kieran Hawe (Vertrue, Inc / What's most important) Adaptability

Julie Martino (Project 1.27) - Search (yourself, goals, growth, opportunity, org's, contacts)

Jacob Bonenberger (Bristol-Myers Squibb) - Nepotism ;)

Peter Nguyen (Talentelle) - Free

Alfredo Ascanio (Universidad Simon Bolivar /Blog /Askain) - Expert!

Alex Dragomirescu (Enviroshake /ZoomInfo) Nerve!

Joe Slevin - Work!

Eduardo Marx Silva (Synthean) Imagination

Mike Schwinn - (Focus on Performance) - Resilient

Robert Mueller (Remote Technologies Group) - Friends

Jason Alba ( - Knowledge

Gautam Ghosh (The Imagence Partners) - The role

Mhirra Yung (TMP Worldwide) - Best!

Robert Etheridge ( - Caution

Thanks to all "LinkedIn Answers" participants!

Now, jobseekers, what is your "most important word" in job search?


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