Monday, February 19, 2007

The MobileTV Blues

We've tweaked Johnny's "Folsom Prison Blues" just a tad, so bear with us as we bring you the "MobileTV Blues:"

I hear MobileTV's comin'
Data charges 'round the bend,
And I'm watchin' it on my Moto Q,
Because I caaaaan,
And I'm stuck on the JobChannel,
Content keeps marchin' on,
Subscription charges keeps it a-rollin',
On my Q all night loooong

We might be a tad optimistic in this version, but give it some time...MobileTV's comin'.

In Mobile Video, Are We Ready?, Katie (GigaOM) reminds us of WorldWide ABI's prediction: that in 2011, mobile TV services will have some 514 million subscribers, of which 460 million will be subscribers to broadcast services.

Wow, that's a lot of MobileTV.

And by 2011, it should be a better MobileTV if the broadband scarcity and variability issues are cleared up.

Even in its nascent stages, MobileTV has already been successfully launched in many countries in Europe and Asia. SK Telecom enrolled 1 million subscribers in the first nine months of its mobile TV launch2 and leading UK operator, 3 Mobile, boasts 3 million mobile TV customers around the world and that number has not stopped rising.

So, you holdin' out 'til 2011?

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