Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Parking the Mobile Generation

I know it sounds like a service for the rich 'n lazy, but I'm thinkin' SpotScout's going to catch on.

Why? Because locating a parking spot can oftentimes rank right up their with being beaten with a cane.

SpotScout, Inc. is betting it can chip away at that anachronism and transform the search for parking just as eBay Inc. changed auctions. And their hope is to create an online marketplace where drivers armed with mobile phones can not only reserve private spaces in garages and driveways, but also swap public parking spots in real time, with vacant spaces going to the highest bidder.


Hey, you can't blame 'em for wanting to take the work out of trying to find a parking spot - if I could get this thing to work at DFW Airport, I'd be a millionaire.

You can check out their BLOG to keep up-to-date on their status.

Full-story HERE: Yahoo!News

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