Friday, January 19, 2007

Long Time Lost? Reconnect, One Google at a Time

There's got to be a way to segue this to recruiting. Doesn't every recruiter have a top-notch-candidate-story akin to the big-fish-that-got-away story? Seems to me that Long Time Lost might be the answer.

Or, at least worth a try.

Powered by Google, Long Time Lost is a free service that allows you to create a search for someone you lost touch with. The search is then indexed by Google (and other search engines) and when that person you are looking for (or someone who knows them) does a Vanity Search, they’ll find your search listing and can respond to you and reconnect.

For those of you who are visual, here ya go:

All information is handled through the system so your private information like your email address isn’t out there on the net.

Currently in Beta, the number of registered users run slightly over 8000 people, with number of searches being 5590 and the actual number of people reconnected being 108.

So, anybody have a big-fish that got away?



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