Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Google Me

I'm always interested in finding out which Google keyword searches are pointing folks in the direction of Mostly, because I'm always surprised at what I find.

Here's a few of the obvious searches that landed Googlers on my blog in the last couple of days:

Qualcomm Recruiting Manager

Hey, Qualcomm Recruiting Manager....somebody is looking for you (glad they found me, instead).

senior product manager bellevue wa

Hey Steve, thanks for the product manager resume - I'd posted this job quite some time ago so that particular job was filled. However, I'm sending your resume to my buds in Bellevue - thanks for making contact!

wirelessjob -alabama

Obviously, somebody is looking for wireless work in Alabama. I can help...come an' get me.

umts interview questions

If you know what UMTS stands for, this is self-explanatory.

And finally,

wireless recruiting online

Makes sense. That's what I do.

Now, here's a few that I didn't expect to find:

working for cingular corporate wireless blog

Well, whoever you are....I can't tell you much about working at Cingular (although I do have a lot of Field Operations buds there), however...let's talk - I can tell you all about T-Mobile.

cingular job interview

We obviously have the Cingular theme going on today.

How about this one,

hangover blog.


Okay, enough for today. But I am curious......what are people searching for when they find you?


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