Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Aquisition Approved: Cingular to take AT&T Name in Early 2007

Source: MobileBurn.com

Yesterday the FCC approved AT&T's proposed acquisition of BellSouth. The approval finally came after AT&T offered a few more concessions to consumers, such as network neutrality, in order to break the 2 vs. 2 voting stalemate at the FCC. The deal is worth US$85 billion.

This approval clears the way for AT&T to start the re-branding of US wireless carrier Cingular, which it jointly owns with BellSouth and will now have complete ownership of. While the finer details of the re-branding plan have not yet been made clear, the AT&T website states that it will happen in early 2007.

Darn. I knew I should have kept my old AT&T Wireless t-shirts.


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