Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006 Best Recruiting Blog of the Year

By Internet standards, this is ancient news, but I didn't want to be the only "nominated" blog failing to report the results (it would be poor blogging etiquette, don't you think?).

To the 64 kind souls that voted for WirelessJobs.com.....bless you. You will each receive free T-Mobile Blackberry Pearls with unlimited minutes for one year.

Just kidding - hey, you know I'd do it if I could :)

While we didn't win, at least you helped us stay out of the voting-cellar and give the appearance that at least one person reads the blog each day.

Hats off to His Cheezness, Sir Joel. Excellent blog and excellent choice for 2006 Blog of the Year.

Here's the results of the blogs finishing in the top 10:

Six Degrees From Dave

Gautam Ghosh's Blog


Taleo Blog


JobOption Blog

Jim Stroud

ERE Group Blogs

Microsoft Jobs Blog

Recruiting Animal

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