Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Job Seekers: Keep Walking

The interview road is oftentimes a difficult road to walk. Why? Interviews and interviewers are difficult to interpret. Just when you feel like you had the best interview of your life, your phone goes silent ("Didn't they say they'd call back this week?").

Other times, you feel like you crashed and burned in the interview, then you get a call ("Hey, we're really interested in you!"). The problem? It's not really the job you want.

Keep the faith, job seekers. The walk is worth the investment of your time. Remember, it's not what you do the day of the interview that matters. It's what you do the day after the interview.

The successful job seeker knows what it's like to endure the perils of job search. He might not be smiling the entire time, but he does keep walking. Check it out, HERE.

Dennis Smith

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