Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Job Seeker: If Opportunity Doesn't Knock, Build a Door

Scott Ginsberg has a terrific post titled:

"How to Become the Luckiest Person You Know."

If you are in the throes of job search, Scott encourages you to "create a bit of luck for yourself."

Here's Scott's 6 Steps to Becoming the Luckiest Person You Know:

Every morning affirm to yourself that great things are going to happen to you today. That you’re going to experience incredible personal and professional opportunities. That you will be a magnet for cool stuff and people.

Always be on the lookout for potential opportunities. Keep your eyes and ears open. Think into the future and ask, “What could this lead to?”

Whenever one of those “lucky” incidents happens, give thanks. Be excited that you proved yourself right. And say to yourself, I knew this was going to happen!

Write them down. Keep track of your moments in an Opportunity Journal. You might try doing this with a partner with whom you can share your mutual opportunities.

Look for trends. Figure out what you did right. Figure out what correct knowledge you were laboring under.

If opportunity already knocked once, invite it back. I’m sure it would love to stop by again.

John Maxwell was right: “Opportunity always takes NOW for an answer.”


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