Thursday, July 20, 2006

Job-seeker: What are you doing to drive the buzz about YOU?

On yesterday's audioconference I talked about WOM and Blogs. Then I saw Gary Stein's article:

How To: Taking Awareness to the Next Level on the WOMMA site. Here's one piece I really liked and it made me think of the job-seeker community:

Surprise drives WOM. People talk about surprising things. A recent
buzz campaign by Freestyle Interactive and Ammo Marketing scattered oranges in the streets of major cities for the launch of "The Godfather: The Game". The surprise element -- walking to work and seeing oranges everywhere -- drives people to investigate.
Job-seeker: what is it about you that drives people to investigate who you are? What are you doing to drive the buzz about YOU?

It could be make all the difference in the world. Or, at least in your next job.

Dennis Smith
T-Mobile Recruiting

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Gary Stein said...

Thanks for the mention, Dennis. I always like the idea of using branding tactics on a personal level. I know its a bit of hackneyed tactic, but that line on people's resumes that have their interests sometimes seems like the most interesting!