Friday, February 24, 2006

U.S. Wireless Revenue Up 10% to $174.7B in '05

Telecom online reports today that Revenue in the U.S. wireless market totaled $174.7 billion in '05, up 10.7 % from '04, with an acceleration in handset revenue and a ramp-up in new wireless subscribers as key drivers of growth (according to TIA's 2006 Telecom Market Review & Forecast).

The wireless handset and device market totaled $15 billion in 2005 and is expected to increase 19.3 percent in 2006 climbing to $17.8 billion, according to the annual report.

What does that mean in terms of new wireless subscribers in '05? Try twenty-five million. Yep, that's "new" subscribers.

What does that mean for the wireless job market? Well, I'd say that's good news.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...I remember the old days when Telecom Italia surpassed the US total subscriber base when they hit 17M customers...And it wasn't that long ago...Good update. Thx. We should talk...I know alot of good people.