Friday, February 24, 2006

No dead pig @

This is not an attempt to make up for my "dead pig" comment in yesterday's post. It is rather, a HT to Brand Autopsy for turning me on to PigWisdom, the blog efforts of Jack Hayhow.

This post, What is a Manager's Role, asks relevant questions that each of us should be required to address each quarter (I say quarterly, because that's how I often I undergo a performance review).

The post opens with:

In the Year 2000 alone, forty CEO's of the top 200 companies on the
Fortune 500 list were fired or forced to resign.

With that in mind, Hayhow asks:

Are your people more productive working for you than they would be
working for someone else? Are they growing more?

Check out the post here - and keep this in mind....self-assessment is only good if it's followed by action.

Dennis Smith, talentblogger

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