Thursday, May 19, 2005

Interview RFID Bracelets, yeah, that's the ticket!

RFID Bracelets to Track Inmates in L.A. County

Posted by timothy on Wednesday May 18, @06:09PMfrom the nothing-unsettling-about-that-no-sir dept.Roland Piquepaille writes "According to RFID Journal, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is about to launch a pilot program to track 1,800 inmates using RFID devices. If the test is successful, the technology will be deployed for the 18,000 inmates of the L.A. county jails. With this system, inmates carry a wrist bracelet which issues a signal every two seconds and is caught by RFID readers installed everywhere in the prison. Officers and staff also carry a RFID device attached to their belts. And a central server keeps track in real time of the position of all prisoners and guardians. Besides tracking locations, the system also intends to reduce violence within the jail and to avoid escapes.

I’m secretly jealous of the cool RFID technology that Karina Miller gets to blog about on the Impinj website ( No doubt, RFID is in the process of changing many of our current business landscapes.

The article above gave me a great idea – if inmates are wearing RFID bracelets for tracking purposes, there’s got to be a way to incorporate this to our recruiting process.

How about this – if candidates make it through the final interview and are heading in to the “offer” stage, we issue them an RFID bracelet accompanied by the offer letter. We then track their movement until the first day on the new job. If at any time they come within a 1 mile radius of a competitor, our Samsung cell-phones automatically speed dial their number and we engage them in conversation about the greatness of being a Samsung Super-Hero.

Ok, Steve Levy, forget it - I’m dumping out the last of the coffee and getting back to work.

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Anonymous said...

Why stop with the recruiting process? Use RFID throughout the 12 month onboarding program (you do offer more than just a 'howdy, glad to meet you, here's your ID card and your benefits options!'?)

When an employee comes near a poor performing manager, the Samsung phone rings and offers a "Danger Will Robinson - DANGER!" message. Heck, it can even be programmed to react like a dog's electronic fence collar - good performance, good dog reward; bad performance, bad dog punishment.

This could revolutionize HR!!!

Anonymous said...

We joke - but I bet you in five years, there are plenty of people with RFID bracelets of all kinds.

Great way to reduce the security risk of visitors - much better than badges.