Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Darth Vader - Samsung's Super-Hero Posted by Hello

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Jamal Lally said...

It's Jedi Recruitment
when HireVelocity do it,
and this is a quote
Steven Levy mentioned
and Kevin Wheeler wrote,

"What we really have is the classic struggle between doing day-to-day tactical
work and thinking longer term strategically. Most of us struggle with the proper balance..."

And in a Talent War, that means losing talent!
its patent! cuz' talent acquisition
is kinda like fishing,
you're sitting there wishing,
while you're Sourcing and Screening
or ATS input, plus Scheduling meetings.
now half the day is defeating,
from resume deleting, and extra extra -
talent pools depleting

* Optimization - the team thing! the drop of a dime -
have live and direct: Candidate Pipelines
Benchmarked and refined
with Cleaver DISCs in the 9's
Top-Tier talent, ready to sign the bottom line
at Interviews on time - the candidate's prime!

_Pre-Scheduled_ in Peopleclick, or Halo,
BrassRing, Taleo, and also RecruitMax
these are recruit facts!
emailed, blogged, and faxed
as we evolve and adapt
and that is my mission.
As we read we listen
Talent Mangagement Systems
Human Capital investments
so bets in...

Unbundle admin' recruitment
for less than you would spend
for contract recruiters -n- Contingency
instead, be partners, and friends with me.
A Win-Win meant to be -
and what's this meant to mean?

An Executive's dream:
Talent Directors building a talented team.
with an organization that's lean
walking the balance beam
filling 5,000's recs' quicker than you've seen!

InHouse Corporate Staffing,
doing Hi-Touch recruiting, and 1st Class routing
not doubting breakdown viscosity
*it's HireVelocity - .com obviously
with Empower philosophy,
and and ROI costing
what you'd like to know -

So from the applicant flow,
'till the end of the road
Redefining the "O" in the R-P-O

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
{Recruitment Process Optimization = Front End - Cross Cultural, Cross Skill-Set Verticle - Candidate Pipeline Enchancement --> Sourcing, Mining --> Multi-layered Screening --> Process Management --> Telephonic Interviewing --> >EMAIL/VMAIL Correspondence --> Final Interview
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spend less time in boring administration?
And more time in CORE
>increased top notch quality hires?
>quicker time to hire metrics?
>lowered cost per hire ratios?

your gracious host,

770/951/8886 x/103