Saturday, January 13, 2018

Bad Videos and the Enduring Value of Creativity

In 1997, the phrase "viral-video" had not been created. But in '97-98, this video was single-handedly bringing down email-servers across the globe.

The video was created by a tech company in CO called Loronix - they were developing DVR technology for security-camera systems and needed sample footage to show potential clients how it worked.

Turns out, it worked pretty well - not many 26 second videos have a shelf-life of 20+ years.

My kids will watch this and think, "Meh, no big deal." If fact, they could probably watch it and figure out that it was....STAGED. Something I didn't realize until today, when I read the history behind the video:…/history-of-the-first-viral-video/.


In a time when 5 billion videos a day are viewed on YouTube, it's interesting that articles are still being written about this video and its timely arrival to the low-tech Internet of 1997.

Today, it looks a cheap and poorly made video that barely elicits a raised eyebrow. But it speaks to this - the energy, effort and sacrifice of time to "create" something of value - that is also enduring - is worth the effort.

And I'm not just talking about making videos.

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