Friday, March 04, 2016

Are You a Rambo-shootin' InMail Machine? #BeACraftsman

Super-relevant post by Kerri Mills providing a bit of guidance for Recruiters regarding InMail messages.

Love InMail?  Me too.  Use it everyday?  How's your response rate? 

Yep, it's a common problem among Recruiters.  So, what to do?  

Check out Kerri's post, for starters.  Then determine to become less like a factory.  You know what I mean, right?  Just get the visual on the Rambo-shootin' InMail machine.  That's right - don't be that. Be more like a #RecruitingCraftsman, who knows that a little bit of customization goes a long way. 

Here's Kerri's read on EREMedia.
Give her a follow for great stuff on sourcing:  @Thejobgirl

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