Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mother Teresa's Top Tip for Job Search in 2014's Alison Doyle put together 25 smart job search tips for 2014 - read all 25 tips HERE.  

If you're like the average job-seeker, you'll get about 1/3 of the way through before you click out - which means you'll miss out on #'s 22-23.  Of the 25, they could be the 2 best tips on the list. They aren't earth-shattering, but offer up practical advice about your Linkedin profile.  

It's likely you've heard it before - but unless you are workin' Linkedin like it matters, then you need a reminder - or a kick in the stern.

Of all the tools tucked away in the Recruiter's Toolkit, Linkedin is still at the top of the heap - which means it should be equally important to the job-seeker.  The ocean of Linkedin profiles can be overwhelming for an inexperienced Recruiter.  But even the savvy junior recruiter manages success on Linkedin when he has the sense to find a way to connect with people by adding some value to their day...even if just a little. 

Mother Teresa never posted a resume on Monster or created a profile on Linkedin.  But the way she deals with people and her "get 'er done" mentality, offers advice to those in search of a new job opportunity.  In fact, her advice might have landed at the top of Alison Doyle's list:

"Don't wait for leaders; do it alone - person to person." 

Looking for a job?  Be encouraged by the 25 job tips above - then get about the process of doing something:  person to person.

That's how jobs are nailed down.



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