Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cheesman Diggs HR (so does Bobo)

Cheesman likes the Hire. And the Digg.  Which is why he launched Few are more acquainted with the recruitment industry than the former Cheezhead and founder, Joel Cheesman.  And now he's providing a platform for those who don't have the time to blog (or the desire to set up a blog of their own).  The result?  A new site dubbed, "Digg for the recruitment industry."

So what's the Hire Daily juice?

HR news, provided by anyone with a hankerin' to share.

Revolutionary? Nope.  But Cheesman's not trying to change the planet with Hire Daily.  He's simply providing a platform for those who might want to blog about HR, but can't find the time or desire to set up a blog of their own. But if you're anything like me, and you "digg" just about anything over which Cheesman's waved his magic wand, then you're likely to be a fan of the daily showcased topics (like this one about how Apple's iOS will likely impact employment).

Kudos to Cheesman.  I've been following his lead since December 2004, and I was even lucky enough to convince him to make a video (in 2007) that I was later able to highlight at a recruiting conference.  It's worth the watch - if you like Web 2.0-speak and Bobo the Monkey.  That's what I said, Bobo.

If Hire Daily is lucky, Bobo will soon make a guest appearance.

C'mon Cheesman - bring on the Bobo.

And then, keep doing what you're doing.

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