Friday, August 03, 2012

It's Feel Good Friday ~ do something good today

Hey, it's Feel-Good-Friday ~ want to do something good that will give back to the community!  It  only takes $1 (but they'll take as much as you are willing to give) : ) 
Help the Lone Star Wind Orchestra (a world-class ensemble seeking to inspire people and impact lives through music) has been invited to perform at the annual Mid-West Convention this December in Chicago.  It's an honor to be selected, BUT, they've got raise $15k to get there. 
One of my best friends in the world is a member of the LSWO (and an incredible Bassoonist) Ms. Allyson Livengood!  Please help me spread the word and do something (anything) to help the LSWO get to Chicago.  Trust me, the world is a better place when the LSWO shows up.  
They are using Kickstarter to help raise the funds they need.  You can check 'em out here.  
And, get a feel for who they are - what they do - and what they sound like, below!

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