Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Data Geeks: can you pass my true/false test?

T/F:  Your green or black belt is associated with something other than a few sweet karate moves.

T/F:  You dream about data and analysis (whether your eyes are open or shut) and use it to understand risks and drive decisions.

T/F:  You love working in a regulated industry almost as much as you love statistics  

T/F:  A friend has once said about you,
"Even though she doesn't always collect data, when she does, 
she really digs conceptualizing which data is most appropriate for a 
particular application, and then delivering a geek-crazy, 
compelling preso jam-packed with detailed analyses?  
You would rather read Andrew Gelman than Andrew Clements.

Ok, let's tally 'em up!  If you managed to nail 5:5 answers as TRUE, then you are definitely a hopeless data geek.  It also means you're a Gelman-kind-of-guy and you just might be our next.great.hire.

Read on - then do your thing.....analyze!  And determine the probability of your picture plastered  across the top of this page.  Hey, it could happen!

Data Analyst - St. Jude Medical - Plano, TX

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