Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 Job Interview Tips from a CEO Headhunter

At first glance, this FastCompany article sounds like another round of oversimplified interview tips.  And while they do sound a bit old-school, I think many of us would be well-served by knowing how to succinctly articulate a compelling answer for each question noted. goes the broken I've said before, when it comes to the "interview," there is nothing that can stand in the stead of preparation.  


Check out the 10 interview tips at FastCompany.  Here's the first of the old-school questions, just to get you started:  Why Don't You Tell Me About Yourself?

Ok, I warned you about the old-school.  But, listen, if this were so easy, please explain to me why it's butchered time and time and time and time and time and time again. It's because we think we're so smart that we can get by on our Axe hair products and brilliant wit.  

And it's just not working. 

If you fail to do the prep work that will help distinguish you from sea of qualified candidates, all you'll have at the end of the interview is the smell of Axe on your head.  Oh, and your brilliant wit, of course. 

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