Saturday, January 28, 2012

College in America [infographic]

On average, college grads earn more $$ than those without a college degree.  It's difficult to debate otherwise.  However, Fast Company created this infographic about the debate, making two points: 

1. Whatever students are doing in college, it doesn't appear that "education" is the most important part of their day (witness how students spend their hours every week).

2. “Some majors don’t really qualify you for much.” Again, it's hard to argue against this point.  But that also assumes that every student is about nothing but the money.  And hey, if you've seen my fave quote (upper right-hand corner of blog)....well, here it is, whether you like it or not:

"Life is too short not to do something that matters."  

But I digress.

Tired of listening to me type?  Ok, here's the infographic:  

Source: via Dennis on Pinterest

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