Tuesday, January 04, 2011

10 Questions to Answer in 2011

This will be a redo for those of you that have read Practically Radical, by Fast Company magazine co-founder William C. Taylor.  If you've never picked up the book, there's an excerpt today in the article at Fast Company titled: Ten Questions Every Game Changer Must Answer

It's a quick read, but has the potential to stir some serious self-examination. 

Here's the first 5:

1. Do you see opportunities the competition doesn't see?

2. Do you have new ideas about where to look for new ideas?

3. Are you the most of anything?

4. If your company went out of business tomorrow, who would miss you and why?

5. Have you figured out how your organization's history can help to shape its future?

Here's the link for all ten.  Read them.  Then wrestle with them.

I hope you don't lose any sleep.

But then again, maybe you should.


Bill Taylor said...


Thanks for linking to the questions!!!

Bill Taylor

Dennis Smith said...

my pleasure, Bill - looking forward to reading the book this weekend.