Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Four Attributes of a Great Recruiter

at-trib-ute [verb: uh-trib-yoot; noun: a-truh-byoot] - noun: something attributed as belonging to a person, thing, group, etc.; a quality, character, characteristic, or property. My buddy Griff recently gave me a book by David Thomas titled, Remember Why You Play (you can get the Kindle version HERE). I can't put it down.  It reminds me a lot of one of my other favorites - Do Hard Things (Alex / Brett Harris), which was also given to me by Griff (hmmm...I'm seeing a pattern here). The book details the life of a High School football coach, Kris Hogan, who leads the charge for the Faith Christian Lions of Grapevine, Texas.  I'm not giving out any spoilers here, but if you were born and raised in Texas, you surely understand this passion we call High School Football.  If you aren't a fan of the game, the book may not be for you.  But to quote David Thomas, if you love reading an "inspiring story about the power of second chances and the impact that simply believing in others can have on the human spirit", like me, you might not be able to lay this book down.In Chapter 2 (titled, Sold Out), Coach Hogan gathers his players and lists four jobs they must perform in order to be "sold out."  I can't help but draw a parallel between Hogan's words, and the few, great recruiters I have called "teammates" over the past 14 years (I'm not naming names here, but you know who you are).  The attributes described by Hogan define for me what a "sold out" recruiter is all about - it's the same attributes I've seen worked out day-to-day in the lives of the best recruiters.  These attributes define "who they are," and amazingly, they describe the kind of recruiter that everybody wants on the team. Here's the list: Number 1:  Love your teammatesNobody's requiring you to love your teammates.  In fact, you don't even have to like them - your choice.  But great recruiters find a way to get past petty differences.  And those that do seem to find it easy to recognize (honor) their teammates for their accomplishments (that's why we want these recruiters on our team...they don't take credit - they give it).   Number 2:  Choose a great attitudeIt's easy to have a great attitude when the team is flying straight and everything is perfect in your world.  How about when things aren't going so well?  Great recruiters "choose" to have a great attitude, in spite of the battle that's going on around them. Number 3: Play at your highest tempoWhen you are playing at your highest tempo, it doesn't even matter if your competitor knows what play is coming.  It simply doesn't matter.Number 4: Take care of your responsibility"Before anybody worries about other people getting their jobs done, each of us must first take care of our own responsibilities."  It's easy, isn't it?  To spot the person on your team whose sole responsibility is to point out everybody's mistakes - shortcomings - errors.  But the great recruiters are those who take the time to help their teammates learn - grow - and improve without announcing their faults to the entire world.   So, what do you think, recruiter?  Are you "sold out?"  Hitting on all four cylinders attributes?Read Hogan's list and mull it over.  Then, decide whether or not you are a "sold out" recruiter.  And, most importantly, if you think your teammates would use these attributes to describe...YOU.     


David Graziano said...

Great information Dennis and right on target.

David Perry said...

Much the same could be said for job hunters Dennis.