Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reliability Engineer @ St Jude Medical (Plano, TX)

Reliability Engineer
St. Jude Medical
Plano, TX
Apply @ careers@sjmneuro.com

Job Overview
The St. Jude Medical Reliability Engineer takes a hands-on approach to identifying system opportunities for improvement and providing insight to manage the corresponding risks. The successful candidate practically applies, and effectively communicates, knowledge of Reliability Engineering for both R&D activity and current product support. We're looking for someone to create / gather data to characterize expected product life, choose and perform the best analysis from a broad menu of methods, and drive performance improvement through precise and compelling communications.

Major, On-Going Responsibilities:
• Implement and maintain testing to determine expected life for implantable and external medical devices
• Participate in, and eventually lead, FRACAS meetings
• Work with Marketing, R&D, and Quality groups to determine product performance Action Limits
• Support Reliability Characterization and Growth activities
• Utilize activities as appropriate from the typical menu of reliability activities such as predictions, trending, allocation, de-rating, accelerated testing, HALT, FMEA, FTA, etc

Education and Training:
• 6+ years relevant work in Reliability required, 2+ years experience in Data Analysis / Statistics a plus
• BS in Electrical Engineering required, advanced degree preferred
• Experience in a regulated industry desired
• Immediate productivity with advanced Excel and Access applications, and, Minitab software, is desirable
• Current status as ASC CRE, and corresponding working knowledge, is a plus
• Design and troubleshoot fixtures and corresponding equipment being tested
• Proficient in collecting data from fixtures and analyzing this data
• Consolidate and present large amounts of data concisely
• Experienced with reliability tools to characterize and grow performance
• Strong initiative and drive, takes ownership of projects, accountable for results with minimal supervision
• Comfortable working independently, with proven results of working effectively in a team environment
• Uses data and analysis to understand risks and drive decisions

Apply @ careers@sjmneuro.com

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