Friday, October 02, 2009

Tom Hyde, LinkedIn Pro - RecruitingBrain

Meet Tom Hyde - President, Management Recruiters of Murfreesboro-Nashville, TN (MRINetwork).

Tom just sent me an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, and now I know two things about him. He appears to be running a great recruiting business out of Nashville, and, he's written the best "LinkedIn Invitation" I've ever read.

Recruiters, take note:

Hello Dennis,

My name is Tom Hyde, and in viewing your profile, thought
you might be interested in connecting here on LinkedIn.
I am very interested in making worldwide connections, and
I think together we could both greatly extend our networks.
Here is what I have to offer if you were to choose to
accept my invitation:

1. You would have access to nearly 2.4 million
new, viewable LinkedIn members.

2. I am always adding new and valuable connections worldwide.

3. I would be open to forwarding requests if it adds value
to direct connections.

4. If you reach out, I'll try to add value.

With over 2,000 direct connections to share, I would be
able to connect you to a previously untapped network filled
with a large variety of professionals coming from every
strata of the business world.

If you would like to connect, just click here: then click you are
a new friend and use when asked.

Best Regards,

Tom Hyde (LION)
Management Recruiters of Murfreesboro-Nashville, TN

I understand that Tom most likely sends the same note to other recruiters/colleagues with whom he wishes to connect. But that doesn't bother me. He took the time, initially, to put together a meaningful request and it easily states how it would be of value for us to connect.

That tells me a few things about Hyde's personality, and the way he conducts business. That's also the kind of recruiter I'd want working on my behalf.

Nice job, Tom



Sasuke said...

At the end, did you accepted his invitation?


By the way, you are lucky, I receive hundreds of invitiations with "Since you are a person I trust".. that I can just ignore!



Dennis Smith said...

I did accept! : )