Monday, February 02, 2009

Recruiting Lessons from the Super Bowl

Dr. John Sullivan's article on ERE offers up some sound reminders for Recruiters (lessons to be learned from this year's Super Bowl).  

I happen to love sports-related analogies, so his article was an easy score with me (oops, sorry 'bout that).  Anyway, it helps that his advice is right-on and provides a reminder for some of the reasons why the road from good to great in the NFL is paved with teams whose culture is able to withstand the "glaring criticism, transparency, metrics, and the performance cultures that are necessary in order to get teams to the Super Bowl."

Think it's glaringly different in the corporate world?  15 yard delay of game penalty for anybody who argues 'yes.' 

Teams don't land in the Super Bowl by chance. 

Ditto for recruiting teams worthy of playing in the Big One.

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