Monday, June 23, 2008

Security Application Engineer - Verizon Business (Thousand Oaks, CA)

Company: Verizon Business Job Description , Security Application Engineer
Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

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The Verizon consultant will provide support for perimeter and internal monitoring of environment. This support will include monitoring intrusion detection systems, IP leak detection systems, and Cisco M.A.R.S. log analysis system. Additionally, the Verizon consultant will provide support for monitoring internal network and host intrusion detection systems. This role will provide support for conducting vulnerability assessments utilizing tools such as FoundStone and Nessus. The Verizon consultant provides support for security project reviews, B2B connectivity security reviews, and security control audits, including verification of logs and access controls. This role will provide support for periodic penetration testing by external auditors and the associated remediation activities. The Verizon consultant will provide support for on-going and new security projects, including, but not limited to documenting security procedures and processes, monitoring, compartmentalization, SAFE, and smart cards.

3+ years experience with designing and implementing network security
3+ solutions. Experience developing security operations procedures and
3+ controls. Hands-on experience with intrusion detection/protection
3+ systems and security enterprise management systems. Experience
3+ identifying, monitoring and investigating computer and network
3+ intrusions. Demonstrated expertise and experience in computer
3+ security incident response. Experience profiling network traffic to
3+ detect possible intrusions from inside or outside networks.
3+ Demonstrated proficiency in tools, techniques and countermeasures in
3+ network vulnerabilities. Demonstrated ability to conduct
3+ vulnerability testing and penetration analysis of computers and
3+ networks. Knowledge of TCP/IP, networking design, routing
3+ architectures, network security systems and protocols. Working
3+ knowledge of UNIX and Windows systems security. 3+ years previous
3+ experience with intrusion detection systems, experience with
3+ penetration testing on major networks. Experience with CISCO M.A.R.S.
3+ log analysis systems. Previous consulting experience. Good
3+ communication and technical writing skills. CISSP, CCSP, CCSE, CCNA,

Please e-mail resume to and on the subject line reference Security Application

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