Friday, March 07, 2008

Who Showed Up for the Dallas Networking Party???

...if only the snow and ice had cooperated!

Well, that just gives us an opportunity to schedule another one, eh, Jason? Don't invest that money in a share of Google stock just yet, dude. You'll need it for Dallas round II.

Big kudos to the one member who braved the elements to connect with his buddies - Brent Rogers!!!. Brent - great meeting you last night! Look forward to continuing our conversation next week.

I also had the privilege of meeting Kevin Krisko (TrueNorth). I wish I'd taken this video prior to Kevin and Brent's departure, but we got kinda wrapped up in the moment.

Big, big thank you to the wonderful ball of energy we call Amanda Papp! Next time we'll get the weather to cooperate with your great planning skills.

And, obviously, thanks to the vision of the dynamic duo (Jason, Dave) for making this thing happen. It was very cool getting to hang with you guys and talk about what is yet to come.

I'm looking forward to it,


*this video is a bit on the dark side (as in difficult to see), but it's nice to finally get somebody else's mug in the video other than mine!

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