Monday, March 17, 2008

Brent Rogers, Cisco Sourcing Guru

Brent Rogers, Sourcing Guru at Cisco, dropped by our offices on Friday and gave our team an adrenaline shot with his Advanced Search Training.

One word..... AWESOME!

A big - big thank you to Brent, who took time out of his day to hang out with us and talk about the sourcing skills that he's honed over the years.

Note to Brent:

One day when you are flying around the country giving your Advanced Search Training at ERE and Kennedy Conferences, my team will be able to say, "We got him first!!!"
Thanks Brent - we appreciate your willingness to give back to the recruiting community.

We owe ya,


Check out Brent's LinkedIn Profile HERE. And his blog (at least one of them), HERE.

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