Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Power Amplifier Engineer - Dallas, TX

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email: dennis@worldlink-us.com

Global Wireless Leader is searching for a Power Amp Engineer to join its team and creatively develop high efficiency RF power amplifier designs and platforms for broadband wireless systems.

Key player will be experienced developing power amplifier linearization techniques - this is a critical skill (must have), and will conduct schematic capture and PCB layout of RF power amp and other RF circuits.

Additional responsibilities:

Construct non-linear models of power circuits and simulate performance using ADS (linear and harmonic balance)

Optimize power amplifier bias and matching circuits to meet efficiency and linearity requirements

Develop and validate power amplifier line-up analysis against requirements

Conduct testing and verification of power amplifier ACPR, EVM, and PAE

Derive and specify power amplifier and transceiver block performance requirements

  1. Background in high power (5 to 50) watt, multi-carrier RF power amplifier designs for common wireless standards using LDMOS, GaAs, and/or GaN devices Experience is optimizing amplifier bias and matching to meet efficiency and linearity requirements
  2. Background in schematic capture and RF PCB layout techniques
  3. Background in power amplifier linearization techniques such as digital and analog predistortion
  4. Background in power amplifier efficiency improvement techniques such as Doherty and envelope tracking
  5. Experience developing linear and non-linear ADS models and building simulations using linear and harmonic balance simulators.
  6. Working knowledge of RF and power amplifier measurement equipment
  7. Knowledge of typical TDD/FDD transmitter architectures
  8. Strong specification and documentation skills
  9. Strong communication and presentation skills

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